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Interpreting Affairs

Interpreting Affairs

Foreign correspondences and communications

       There are a big amount of foreign companies who are interested to be always in contact with their representatives and receive their commercial activity reports. Certainly because of long distance, correspondences are the only communicative bridge between manufacturers and their representatives. And we know that this job for the amateurs who have just started their business is pretty difficult at first and for the companies with a long background in the field of trading may also feel that corresponding and making contact with the companies and manufacturers or their against would take most of their time and sometimes they may feel need of a fulltime person to do so as well.

       Now, a kind of fear may come to experienced people that how and with which grantee and confidence they may entrust an off-the-job person with their correspondence with their agents and relevant companies? Won't it be a risky job for them? Some of them suggest us to refer to their companies weekly and do the corresponding job with their agents via Email or telephone of their own company. The others ask us to introduce them a full time person for doing this job. Some of them ask us to translate all of their mails and writings, and send them to respond by their own communicating means. Now what do you think about that? Who and which method can be more risky for them? A stabled person who occasionally may get familiar with the sellers and their import relative people, purchase rate and the most important thing that may get familiar with Iranian customers which the products are in their demand and also the rate of products profitability, or an off-the-job person who is familiar with thousands of similar factories, prices and imported products and will not be in contact with the specific Iranian company's customers?

       Now you judge and let us claim with confidant that WE by long experience in due of commercial and marketing consultation and with full knowledge of eastern and European manufacturing market places, won't have any problem for purchasing and taking representative licenses and imports indeed. And with no extra effort we can find the purchase market information for enterprises from all over the world and we don't need to have enterprises purchase market information. With a simple inquiry, you will easily find out that our contact information and our activity records are available in ministry of commerce of China and some other countries.

       When a factory gives a brand to a company as its representative, will not accept another company' request for the same brand representative simply. Now imagine that we start trying with lot of difficulties to convince your foreign manufacturer to give us your brand with better condition and facilities to us to import that can bring negative privileges for us. Then we should look for customers for the brand that is not our choice and don't have any technical information of that, in this case won't it be better for us to import products which we have enough technical information and know its market place for sale? Secondly, we like looking for the goods which relates to our field of activity so that we can have customers for that product or at least can find applicants easily. The most important point is that we prefer to have our own brand and not to use the other's brand. And also, Be sure that we won't take a brand from a factory which gives other's brand to us easily, because after times, that company will execute to give our brand to another party too. Therefore, we will try to take a brand from a company that accept us and stand by his commitment and know us the sole representative of that brand.

       If we were Iranian company, we would be susceptible on preserving customer data or buyers contact information against full time person. Because a full time person can have access to customer's information easily and make contact with them. Even more can easily offer the customers' information to your competitors or cohorts for money.

       One more point that should be remarked is that we will correspond with foreign companies with the name and the header of your company, and we will always introduce ourselves as purchase responsible of your company. And this issue has been always appreciable to the companies under our contract that not only we have done our best to safeguard their brand and their right but also have tried to find a technique and solution with the knowledge of pricing policy of foreign manufactures to reduce the price of goods logically with preserving the quality and favorable condition in the way of mutual agreements.

       All of our corresponding and communication will be done off-the-job and out of the company's place and also it is possible for us to have access to the Emails even at the street and reply to them easily. Regarding Tele-Conversations, we do not have any restriction and we can have our Tele-Conversation at any time during day and night.

       We have always had our specific methods that could have drown our customer's attention up to now and make them satisfied in all circumstances, and definitely it will be appreciable for you too if we could get honored to make you familiar with our method in person. It's time to say that after signing contract, your tasks will be done by myself if necessary.

       Besides foreign correspondence and communication, we are able to accompany managers and personnel out of country, at fairs or inside the country, at any time and places. Also we are able to accept responsibility of interpreting of foreign guests in the country or abroad, at fairs and cities or in any seminar and training courses.

      Meanwhile, we are ready to accept responsibility of interpreting of foreign companies in Iran in traveling to the cities, attending the fairs and meetings, meeting with their representatives, and help them in tourism.


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