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Deputy Affairs

Deputy affairs

Agent Affairs

       It's happened for some foreign companies or manufacturers feel that their sale has decreased, or may consider that their representatives don't do their best or don't have enough activities to sell the products. we should accept that finding out the reasons for the one who is not in the country is pretty difficult and needs a native person as deputy in that country to observe and inspect accurately in order to find the reasons of the problems to proceeds for solving it.

       Sometimes it's happened a low sale from an agent in a specific time frame of time had been caused a misconception or prejudicing from Manufactory's side in the state of mistaken might elicit a displeasure or disunion between two companies. But when we have mediated between company and agent for figuring out the problem, we could notice that not only the agent has done his best but also has paid a lot of expenses for improving the sale and preserving the reputation of his brand but there was some obstacles, that after our surveying we could find out the bottleneck and with the help of company and agent could solve the problems and favorable sales has been obtained.

       It has proved for us absolutely that either manufacturer gives a brand to its agent for sale and profitably or representative that bears high expenses and faces with lots of difficulties, would import the products for profitable sale, promoting the brand and his company reputation. So thought of negligence in sales or inactivity from both sides is definitely wrong and if there's a low order and sale from agent, there must be reason behind that should be detected for solving the problem and preventing misconception.

       So in this case if we forget the negligence or inactivity of representative, there must be other reasons as: Product quality, inappropriateness of technical information with the local place of distribution, false propagandas against a brand, unanticipated sales capacity, lack of enough advertisements, loss of asset, lack of technical information for technology improvements to explain the differences to customers, local rules and regulations change and too many other reasons that all can highly effect on favorable sales. 

        Benefiting by expert knowledge of Financial Management and Cost Accounting and also familiarity with industry and production and 28 years experiences of marketing with having cognizance of modern methods of market researching and investment and also international language and communication, made me to offer my proposal regarding deputy affairs with foreign manufacturers in the way that to contact as the deputy from manufacturers' side with their agents for observing all the difficulties and obstacles on their way to improve a favorite sale and would report the outcome to the company and we will proceed to cover the difficulties at all possible too. And if there's a problem from company side, we will notify that by a report to company to resolve the problem for preventing quality drop and brand reputation drop.

       in this way, we will accept the responsibility of corresponding and communication between to help both sides to save their time and make enough opportunities to convey the difficulties and technical points relating their job and products.

       Our method has always been welcomed by both sides of transaction, and my cooperation has caused consistency and continuity of both sides' cooperation up to now. And from other hand manufacturers have had opportunity to make contact directly with their representatives by their deputy and having correct and exact reports instead of relying on the others and competitor's gossips regarding their agents. Also they will be sure that the reports has been received, are for the purpose of consistency and continuity of mutual cooperation and covering the problems. And the agents will be sure that the outcome reports are being conveyed with positive goals by an interconnecting bridge.

       Also we are able to accept all of the official affairs regarding products, necessary certificates, quality and standard confirmations, promotion and fair affairs for foreign manufacturer companies by signing contract. 


       Benefiting by expet knowledge of Financial Management and Cost Accounting and also familiarity with industry and production and international language, I can accept all Auditing Affairs and Preparing Reports for investors and partner side as:

  • Companies financial and asset auditing for having business contract with
  • Drawing up financial statements and reports
  • Control of Accounts
  • Financial advising
  • Cost Acccounting and Cost Auditing
  • Offering or Implementing Productivity Projects
  • Managing Controllable Direct Overhead Cost Reduction
  • Inventory Control and Advising

and all the tasks mentioned in part Agent Affairs if necessary

       At last I can accept the offer of cooperation just from one company from each field of activity. For instance, just one company in the field of automotive and et cetera.

       The reason of this is for, all of the Deputy Affairs will be done by me and my capacity is limited and more over it will be faithful of me to take responsibility of just one company in a specific field of activity.



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