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        I'm very pleased for your visiting my Site and it would be my great honor of having opportunity to introduce myself and give a brief explanation of my abilities and activity records.

       My name is Reza Nikkhah, Born in : 1964 B.C. My English background goes back to the year 6th of my age. I started learning English in Tehran Institutes and continued to CPE level till I got degree. After gaining Diploma, I joined military for my 28 month compulsory national service. After military service, I continued my education and got hold of baccalaureate in accounting (B.S) and post-graduated in Financial Management and got hold of Master of Science (M.S)

       In 1990 B.C, I was employed in ABEX IRAN Co. which was the sole representative of America TOSHIBA Medical Systems, as accountant and then Sales Responsible and Market Researcher in the same position. In the same year I was trained operating and maintenance of kidney Breakstone machine and MRI system as the first operator and maintenance technician. Selling, installing and training more than 12 Breakstone Machines and one MRI system and more than 500 Dental Radiography units and holding more than 4 medical fairs each year, in the place of Tehran international fair and different best international and first class hotels each year, totally abut more than 18 exhibitions, was the main reason of my promotion to General Manager of the company.

       After company's transference to Dubai in 1996 , I initiated my joint work with the Connection of Industry section of Amir Kabir University in the field of industrial system and software designing. I've traveled to many countries for business, auditing and interpreting. Coincidently, I signed a contract with NET Co. for all of the translating and interpreting jobs and auditing for the companies under the support and contract of NET Co. Implementation of different software projects within the period of my contract with the Connection of Industry section of Amir Kabir University for Esfahan Mahya Gaz factory, Tehran Shahab Khodro factory, Ministry of power and the names of many other known factories are among my industrial work records.

       In 1999, I initiated my executive control and supervising job on the production and feeding lines of industrial factories and I succeeded to implement many efficient and profitable projects on my executive cost accounting with the benefit of industrial and management systems design experience

       In 2002 I performed my financial and commercial control, supervision and supporting services and started my professional expertise based on them.

       I accomplished non-presence accounting which was an innovative system on 2003, and by signing some contracts with few companies, I started its professional implementation. Very soon, many small companies, trading companies and importers created a great demand for this project for the merits and privileges of this new project.

       I resumed my activity in 2004 by traveling to foreign countries for interpreting, overseas marketing, auditing of foreign companies in order to cooperate and joint work with Iranian companies, and also providing row materials for manufacturers, and getting sole sale representatives for trading companies, importers and local manufacturers.

       I continued my cooperating with several software programming companies for consultation and designing based on producing consolidated and dynamic management and industrial soft wares. Furthermore, I had cooperated with other companies in the field of training, auditing of companies accounts, drawing up books of original entry and fill in declaration which were under the contract of those companies in 2005. Simultaneously, new soft wares were presented to market by my designing and consultation such as software of mobile, sales-job's data bank, comprehensive software of LIZING, productivity systems, calculating soft wares and data banks.

       Along with preserving mentioned activities, I departed to different cities with NETWORK Company for interpreting, and accompanying foreigner experts for 1 year and also I signed a contract with ministry of road for 5 months in 2006 for the same field activity.

       In 2007 I focused on manufactories and trading companies for financial advising, cost accounting, sales and marketing and innovated a new method of marketing besides my activities in all the mentioned fields and tried to perform it, but unfortunately I experienced a failure due to failure of my clear expounding on the new method and concept of frequent alteration in marketing method I could not achieve a good result of this method at that time. But I could gain good experience and it made me motivated to proceed to cover the problems and failures of my project to a domestic and comprehensive method.

       I increased my cooperation with most of financial and industrial software producing companies for technical consultation and sales and juridical companies in the field of financial and tax consultation services for their clients, and with inland and outland trading companies for marketing and commercial advising in 2008 in addition to financial advising.

       In 2009 I could get a good result in marketing for I could solve the most of my project failures and problems, but I should confess that I still have some problems for performing them, but I resumed my work with foreign companies, and I could success to singe two contracts with them, One with a brake shoes supplier and the other with an automotive battery supplier. at the end of the year another foreign company and an Iranian company were added to our new marketing demands too.

       In 2010 the number of my customers have been increased and I was compelled to cooperate with manufactories just on cost accounting and production lines designing and profitability systems and with trading companies just on financial and commercial advising.

       In 2011 the result of my activities on cost accounting encouraged manufacturers to offer me long time contracts.

       In 2012 I'd no notable changes but just continued servicing my customers and with the knowledge of noticeable evolution that will occur in the nature of domestic business, I didn't lose opportunity by fully preparing myself with new plan and projects to be ready to help my customers not to left behind their competitors.




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